Gathering together the modern & ancient wisdom being shared by women who nourish the world.

Wisdom has been shared and passed down since the beginning of the human experience. We’re meant to learn from one another. Celebrate with one another. To gather with one another. This project is a dedication to the medicine that women bring to the world and will serve as a powerful resource for those who are called to take a deep dive into the spaces that connect self and soul.

Allison KT

Certified Coach, Reiki Master, and Conflict Transformation specialist

Allison KT helps people who struggle with people-pleasing to stand up for themselves.

She works on mindset, energy, and provides guidance on what to do in real-life situations. As an empath herself, Allison also assists people in protecting and cleansing their energy. She lives with her spouse and two rescue dogs in Denver and enjoys weightlifting, watching Star Trek, and playing Settlers of Catan.

Meet Our Past Rooted Women

The Rooted Woman Project: Amy Powell (Episode 2)

The Rooted Woman Project: Amy Powell (Episode 2)

Amy Powell is a happiness host who facilitates conversations to help individuals discover, define and successfully live their unique version of joy. Using her signature framework, “The 6 Elements to Sustained Happiness.”

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Would you like to participate?

For some of us, sharing our light and our passions with the world isn’t an option, it’s our calling. The Rooted Woman Project is dedicated to creating a sacred space where this magic can be shared with others in service of growth, community, inspiration, and healing. If you’re interested in sharing a little piece of what you do with this amazing community, please fill out the application linked below and tell us a bit about yourself.

In Service Of

We believe we are stronger together. And without committing positive action to the atrosities in this worldwe are only a part of the problem. We currently donate a percentage of our proceeds to charity.

Together Rising

Together Rising transforms collective heartbreak
into effective action.