What Is

The Unconscious Roadmap?

The Unconscious Roadmap is a pathway of tools that everyone must have for a suucessful journey inward.

Any sustainable emotional discovery requires a few key habits for it to stick. These habits and the process of moving through them, outline the steps everyone must take to successfully traverse the landscpae of healing. The Unconscious Roadmap, as we’re calling it, is woven through the fabric of every offering we create.

Learn to trust your uniquewisdom and allow itto guide you towardyour fullest potential.

Release guilt and shameas you root more deeply into your self-worth.

Bring awareness & healing toyour unconscious programmingand create space to just BE.

Face your disowned partswith compassion andilluminate your power.

This is

The Unconscious Roadmap

And it starts with DESIRE. Sounds pretty appealing, right?! While desire sounds sexy, it’s one of the easiest things to lose when you’re in the depths of change. But when you hold that thread that connects you to the place you want to end up, it can be one of the most powerful proponents of transformation.


Inquiry, or curiosity, is the next step toward deeper self-reflection. It’s crucial that we invite a sense of wonder to our reactions and emotions. We want to channel our inner toddler and drill down into the core of our emotions with as many “but whys” as we can answer.


Compassion is the partner we dance with that makes the steps we take into the darkness more fluid and gentle. It is challenging to come face to face with the parts of ourselves that have been hurt and that hurt others. But it’s with the grace of compassion that we’re able to see ourselves as evolving spirits with the whole human spectrum within us. Not wrong or right, just fully human.


Union happens when the darkness of our shadow is married with the light of our highest self. We’re able to give ourselves and others the space to be without fear or judgement.

The Science

Our brains are hardwried to create repeatable and efficient neural pathways based on our experiences. Sometimes, these are great (hello, hot stove!) and sometimes they’re not (Hello, fear, anxiety, shame, etc!)

By taking advantage of Neuralplasticity (The brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.) we are able to make small and impactful changes that change the way we think and respond.

When you explore your unconscious with simple, interactive and guided meditaitons you have access to the Theta brain state- the place that exists at the border between conscousness and unconsciousness. By bringing intentional awareness to this mysterious space, we are granted access to the layer of thoughts and beliefs that usually lie just beyond reach of your waking mind. When we partner a conscious interaction with our Theta brain state with talk therapy and compassionate curiosity, we have the tools to reshape our beliefs and behaviors at a profound level. Kind of cool, huh?!

Work with tanicia

Tanicai works with women to support them in going deeper with themselves of a particular issue. She is currently working with women to help them illuminate unconscious stories and patterns so they can align deeply with their authentic truth and live a life where they feel worthy, confident, and at ease.


Fire Meditation & Energy Clearing

Receive a free energy healing during Tanicia's Monday morning personal meditation practice.

Fire Meditation and Energy Clearing

Receive a free energy healing during Tanicia's Monday morning personal meditation practice.