Fire Ritual & Meditation

It’s my belief that every woman benefits from having someone in their corner helping them to remember their most vibrant and whole self.

It’s not easy walking along the path of life, but the best thing to remember is that we don’t have to do it alone. Thank, Goddess for that!

Every Monday morning I bring this community into my personal meditation practice. This form gives you a chance to have your name and a request included in this potent and sacred time. Your request could be for a specific thing that’s troubling you (mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually) or even just a request for love and light to be sent your way.

The Ritual

My Monday morning ritual includes palo santo, meditation, and an oracle card pull. When you submit your name and a request below, I will hold your energy in my meditation, speak your name and request aloud (don’t worry, I’m alone when I do this 😉 and pull a card specifically for the group for that week. The oracle cards are shared in our Tuesday newsletter.

How can I support you?