An Introduction To The Four Bodies

The Four Bodies are the four primary systems we use to navigate our life journey. They are sometimes referred to as “The Four Pillars of Health” and they all work together to offer a gateway to the reservoir of wisdom that lives within each of us. When we tend to these parts of ourselves with care, we have access to new insights, growth, and clarity, and an opportunity to bring all parts of ourselves into balance. 

The four pathways are:

The Physical Body: Your physical body is the temple in which you live. It not only includes your literal, physical body but everything your body interacts with. The people who are physically around you, the places that you frequent (home, work, play, even city, and country!), and the possessions you keep in your space including those of others.

The Mental Body: Inside of our body temple, our mental body can be seen as the guards that walk the same well word path around its perimeter in order to keep you safe. It’s made up of your thoughts and beliefs as well as how you perceive and understand the world around you. Our mental body is where we spend much of our time, planning, thinking, processing, worrying, etc. And, it is a very complex system of conscious and unconscious belief systems.

The Emotional Body: Within your temple, your emotional body is the fountain of water that springs up from the earth. This is the place where you synthesize the information you’re receiving from your mental and physical body. It is represented by your feelings and relationships to all things (people, things, events, etc.), stored emotions from the past, and anticipated emotions projected onto the future.

The Spiritual Body: If we continue with the body as a temple analogy, the spiritual body is the magnificent skylight that illuminates the rooms with golden light. It is the part of you that feels the connection we hold to all things. The particulars of this body are not determined by your culture or religious upbringing (it actually has nothing to do with that!), but rather the connection itself to what we call Divine Energy/Source/God. It is the element that we are all connected, that there is no one right path, and that we are all a piece of a larger tapestry.

In the next few blog posts, we’ll explore each of the four bodies in-depth and talk about ways you can bring each into greater harmony.


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Tanicia Baynes

I am a meditating mama, the Indiana Jones of unconscious spaces, your biggest fan and a tell-it-like-it-is maven. Here you can read the latest musing by me or fellow healers and artists.



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